Tiny Hazard


Tiny Hazard is an avant-popular band from Brooklyn, New York. Combining strategic dissonance of early 20th Century American composition and with the courage of balladeers like Bjork and Cocteau Twins, the music of Tiny Hazard is jarring and magical.


My oh my, Tiny Hazard is full of surprises. Swaying from saltine-thin bedroom pop to sludge to experimental synth to passionate piano meditations — sometimes within the span of a single song. Unafraid to utilize silence, whispers, softness, and what might otherwise be thought of as “sweet” sounds to convey a feeling that’s the opposite of weak, sometimes teetering on the brink of madness. Weird, weird stuff.

— Nicole Disser, Bedford + Bowery

The band’s overt passion and delicious incorporation of small minutia overloads their music with so many of those “oh, fuck!” moments that are instantly recognizable when you hear something so raw, so unique, so true, and so rare.

— Adam Ouriel, Pretext Social Club

Singer Alena Spanger delivers a bewitching vocal that’s slyly-sweet like Regina Spektor-meets-Fiona Apple, and ragey raw the next.

— Kim Taylor Bennet, Noisey

These are places – environments that have been lived in – loved in, deeply and sincerely. In short, the work is unapologetically human.

— Ryan C. Miller