PILL combines fast, forward-thinking lyrics that express social unrest with contempt for rock formalism. Call it No wave, call it post-punk; at this stage, it’s more modern-day folk or protest music, a howl of freedom that is conscious of that freedom’s cost. Pill’s full-length debut Convenience released on Mexican Summer August 2016.


Pill proudly, angrily carries on the traditions of New York music, punk rock, no-wave, feminist art rock — take your pick. But what makes Convenience unique and impressive for a debut is how the songs evolve as a singular and critical personality over the record, taking a stylistic and narrative tour through different anxieties and simulated scenes before arriving at a fortifying conclusion, a body with renewed strength.

Their live shows are a tandem assault: singer Veronica Torres’s seething delivery, Ben Jaffe’s blaring saxophone lead.