Infinity Shred


Infinity Shred soars skyward into the future. This post-rock trio from Brooklyn, NY make dark and hallowed synth music.


Founded in 2012, Infinity Shred is the sound of a perfect future doomed to relive its past. A forty-third century metropolitan utopia fatally obsessed with analog synths and distorted instruments. Armies of gracefully engineered, doe-eyed warriors mercilessly slaughtering each other under a dusky sky of neon stardust. A trio based in New York City crafting uplifting synth-driven pieces tinged with just the right amount of death.

How Infinity Shred didn’t land the score for Stranger Things could be one of the grand mysteries of the 21st Century. The first two minutes of the titular song off their 2013 LP, Sanctuary, released on the OK Go-founded Paracadute, predates the wistful menace of S U R V I V E’s theme by three years.